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 I met you today at the Southern Women’s Show in Nashville.   As soon as I got home I washed my face with the Dead Sea Clay Facial Wash, then used the Deep C Serum and then last but not least the Collagen Cream.  I can say this is the best skin care product I have ever purchased.  I currently use Obagi Nu-Derm to help with sun spots on my face, however your product makes my face feel absolutely amazing.  I am hooked and will continue to use the product. 

I am so happy that I found your booth.  I will tell others about your product and your website!

Sharon Bowling

  • I had the opportunity to try this little black mask and i have to say... I love the mask. Its cleared my breakouts completely up after using this mask TWICE. so i let my husband use it and BAM-same results. His acne completely cleared up too. Definitely a great product for acne. Cant wait to
    Try the collagen mask next. Thank you for the free samples. I love them and will be back for more.          
  • #Life Long Customer  Michelle Andrews

  • From being a loyal cosmetic 'department store' user for more than a ...few decades, the first product from LHB I tried was Mega Moist 7. I couldn't believe the way my face drink up this luscious cream and don't want to imagine being without it! I also use Facial Micro Dermabrasion Paste daily and Southern Honeysuckle body scrub in the shower. Because my skin isn't perfect and I see a difference, (smoother, firmer, healthier) I would recommend LHB products to anyone. Love the fact that LHB is organic and natural! Thanks!!!
  • Lynn Gilath

  • As a man, I never believed in lotions for men's faces. My wife asked... me to try it, so I did. The lotion I tried was Derma Luxe Collagen Cream with Antarcticine. I must tell you that I couldn't believe the results after a short period of time, my skin was softer and showed less wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth. I became a believer in the product. I am in my 70's and seeing this change I urge other men, in my age and younger, not to be bashful and use this cream and have the same younger look that I do!
  • Eli Gilath